10 Years & Counting – The NKN Story

Ten years ago this October marks the anniversary of Nkognito Productions going from being a hobby to a legitimate business. The passion and drive that fueled that decision still resonates today. So much has changed and so much has been accomplished in these 10 years.
Owner, Chris Larson, fell in love with videography after taking an AVR class in high school. A class he thought would just fill his senior schedule, unveiled a passion he had no idea existed within him. For the years following high school, Chris did different projects for family friends and co-workers. He started out doing some “mixtapes” and cd’s with different compilations. By 2005, Chris had done multiple video projects and knew this was what he wanted, to build a business and create films.

In the summer of 2005, after a chance meeting and an enlightening conversation, Chris knew his chance at his dream was on the brink of becoming a reality. Carlton Brown, the then new head football coach for Dover High, sat on a mutual friends couch with Chris and discussed his vision for his new team. Chris’ vision of a team highlight/documentary just happened to be very similar. The two agreed, the coming fall would be a new beginning for both. That chance meeting and conversation sparked a friendship that has lasted since that day, as well as jump started what has become Nkognito Productions.

In Fall 2005, Chris began Nkognito Productions, LLC with one school and one team. As of 2015, his company performs services for over 3-4 schools and teams in any given sports season as well as personalized films and recruitment films for multitudes of others. Nkognito Productions has seen everything from graduations, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, field hockey, ice hockey, basketball, weddings, retirements, promotional films, training videos and much, much more. Nkognito has gone from one GL2 standard definition camera to multiple professional grade HD cameras. They have gone from working on a PC to an overall upgrade to Apple’s Mac. The transition has been a phenomenal journey that has had its ups and downs like all small business’, but the drive and passion is still alive and real which is a directly reflected in the 10 years of success.

One of the biggest turning points for Nkognito Productions has to be credited to Salesianum’s Lacrosse head coach, Bob Healy, who brought Chris’ film creations to a whole new sport and world of possibilities in 2010. While walking through the hallways at the high school where he taught, Coach Healy saw one of the football players watching their Nkognito film. It immediately caught his eye and he asked “Where did you get that?” By that spring Chris was filming lacrosse for Coach Healy and Coach Plews and a whole new world was opened up. Another lasting friendship formed and a legacy of sports films that can never be matched.

There have been a lot of people who have aided in the success of Nkognito Productions, some for a little while, others have helped for years. While the success cannot be solely credited to Chris, his vision and high standards have driven his company to be the premiere sports filming company in Delaware. In a world where the economy is not always a friend to small business owners and entrepreneurs, the company has had steady growth for 10 years. While others may grow faster, Nkognito has kept a steady pace and stayed true to the non-cookie cutter film production. Each film is a unique film that tells the story of each team. Weddings, graduations, promos all have that Nkognito vibe. While others try to emulate the style, there is a certain creativity and “eye” that Chris has which can never be duplicated.

Nkognito has no plans of slowing down and will continue to create keepsakes and living memories for many sports teams and will continue to aid numerous athletes in their college recruitment process. Ten years has flown by and while we feel like we should have achieved more, looking back, Nkognito has come along way.

Nkognito Productions and Chris would like to give a shout out to just some of those individuals who have helped in Nkognito’s 10 years of success. Brian & Marilyn Larson, Jordan Larson, Ron Dagley, Patrick Larson, Phillip Kizer, Marquis Brown, Carlton Brown, Bob Healy, Shawn Plews, Matt Bloom, Gene Scott, Jackie Donahue, Krystal & PJ Henry, Vicki Reynolds, Donella Berryman, Joe Aviola and countless others.


TITUS Sports Academy

Among the high school sports world in Delaware & Southeastern PA, it’s a word everyone knows. A single word that is spoken and immediately people think, excellence, dedication and hard work. In that single word, you can tell how serious an athlete takes their sport and their ability to perform on the field. Whether you are 8 or 38, TITUS means, “Im willing to do the work, to be the best me possible.”
In a small corner of Newark, Delaware sits TITUS Sports Academy. Quietly training 100’s of people daily. From an 8 year old trying to work on his footwork, to a 13-16 year old trying to make varsity, to a 17/18 year old trying to get that college scholarship, to a 38 year old trying to keep their body in shape as the years move by. Every day the trainers at TITUS work with those individuals with the single motto “You Push You”. They encourage every person to go the distance and provide you the support and guidance to get it done.
Over the last 2-3 years we have met and gotten to know those trainers at TITUS and they are by far some of the best people we have ever encountered. They are the most dedicated, hardworking, selfless people you could hope to meet. We met them through a mutual athlete acquaintance and soon realized our two companies had similar core beliefs. TITUS does an incredible amount for their athletes and all their patrons. They go above and beyond for everyone.
After watching Shawn, Dean and the entire staff work with so many people, young and old, we knew they needed an Nkognito Production. We needed to showcase their facility, their staff, their work ethic and core values to anyone and everyone that would watch. This promo is just a short glimpse of the amazing things going on daily at TITUS. There is nothing they don’t do.
It’s been a privilege to get to know and work with these individuals and we look forward to many more joint endeavors. For now, here is the TITUS promo. If you don’t TITUS….your missing out!!!!

Shooting Star – Jason Kelly

Have you ever watched a sporting event and seen an athlete who just makes the sport look easy? An athlete who just looks like it comes naturally to them to excel at the sport. Or watched in awe as they succeed on the field with a play that you just don’t know how they did it?
Salesianum graduate and new this fall to St Joseph’s University, Jason Kelly is an amazing athlete. He is one of those such players that makes you wonder “How did he make that shot?” or “Did he really just score again?” His phenomenal hand/eye coordination and shooting speed make him fun to watch and a major menace to the opposing team.
His ability to hit the goal in any corner, and within meer inches of the post are just some of the reasons for his many accolades as an athlete. He is a 2x US Lacrosse All American, 1st Team All-State selection, 3x State Champion, Team Captain, Offensive MVP and 2014 Delaware Player of the Year. Jason has made many a goalie shutter as he approaches their net, and they have to decipher whether he is going to fake, or straight shoot. 9 times out of 10, he scored on whichever shot he decided to make! Whether it’s a behind the back, fake, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right or straight on goal, he is coming for the net with an incredibly quick shooting speed, that is the only thing you can be sure of when it comes to his style of play.
He was a major contributor to Salesianum’s state championships and their national ranking. He will be sorely missed but he is a fantastic addition to the St Joseph’s team. We have had the privilege of filming Jason for his entire high school career. He never left us with a shortage of highlights. So of course, as shooting star who is headed to college, it’s only natural to want to preserve those amazing highlights and be able to relive them for years to come. We would like to thank Jason and his parents for allowing us the opportunity to turn his success on the field into a keepsake they can enjoy together for years to come. To Jason, Best of luck at St Joseph’s, we can’t wait to see what the next level in your lacrosse career holds!! Enjoy his senior year cinematic highlight!

Get It Done – Hunter Schaeffer

This fall one of the best lacrosse players to come through the Caesar Rodney lacrosse program will continue his lacrosse career at Salisbury University. When it comes to heart, focus, speed and agility, this athlete has them all in abundance. Such talents have helped him obtain such accolades as; 2 time US Lacrosse All America, 2 time First Team All State, 2 time First Team All Conference and being selected as team MVP twice. Team Captain, Hunter Schaeffer has a career high of 250+ points. That is a fantastic statistic. He is an incredible asset that will be sorely missed by the Riders next season, but it will be great to watch his talents at the collegiate level.
After producing Hunter’s recruitment films, his family asked us to create one last film his senior year, a cinematic highlight film. This keepsake will no doubt give them something to watch and enjoy for years to come. We would like to thank Hunter and his family for allowing us to be a small part of his recruitment process as well as allowing us the access to create his senior year cinematic film. It has been great getting to know the Schaeffer’s while working with them over the last couple of years. We wish Hunter and his family much success and happiness in the future.
Take a moment to enjoy his senior highlight film!

Unparalleled Stick Skills – Freddy Freibott

Every team has that one defensive player that opponents wish they didn’t have to face. Every team has a defensive leader, but not every team has a Freddy Freibott. A 3 time state champion, 2 time US All American, 2x First Team All State, Team Captain who begins his next chapter of lacrosse for The Ohio State Buckeyes this fall. Freddy’s presence on the field is undeniable and his relentless pursuit of “defending the porch” make him a force to be reckoned with. His stick skills are unparalleled and lead to uncountable amounts of stick checks, yard sales, and forced turn overs.

Freddy’s focus on being the best defense-men showed not only on the field, but in his practice, drive and determination off the field. To be the best, you have to work for it. Freddy spent endless hours at Titus Sports Academy where he built his physique and worked on foot work, agility and discipline with the best trainers to become the best lacrosse defense-men in Delaware. His success is proven by his 3 state championships, his high school team gaining National Recognition and his commitment to play for The Ohio State Buckeyes. On or off the field, this student athlete is by far one of the best to play lacrosse in Delaware.

We have had the privilege of filming Freddy for the last 4 years with his Salesianum High School lacrosse team. In that time we have produced his college recruitment film and his individual cinematic highlights like this one, as well as the team highlight films. It is always bitter sweet to see seniors graduate and move on, but this young man and his family are extremely special people and we will miss them immensely. He will be missed greatly at d-pole by Salesianum but it will be impressive to see the impact this young man will make for the Buckeyes. Nkognito Productions would like to thank Freddy and his family for all of their support and hospitality over the years and wish them every success in the future! Check out his senior year highlights!!

It ends again!!

What a crazy spring!! Snow in late March, rain and thunderstorms, reschedules, three & four games a week, team dinners, practices, post season, a graduation! Spring just flew by! Can’t believe it is over already. Seems like just yesterday we were trying to put everything on the calendar and schedule it.

This lacrosse season brought us 4 schools to film, some all season, some just a few games. Salesianum and Caesar Rodney Lacrosse brought us on for full seasons, while we also went to Tatnall and Wilmington Friends for recruitment films.

This was our 5th season with Salesianum lacrosse and it proved to be jam packed just like every other season, lots of great games and top competition. While their season ended slightly different than they planned, adversity builds character! So no doubt the underclassmen will come in with a renewed perspective and lots to gain next season! Each year we produce their banquet film and team highlight! The tradition, brotherhood and their “playing for others” motto, are always key in their film. Combine those items with the stick skills, defense and sick goals on offense, it makes for a highly entertaining film.

We started with Caesar Rodney last season for some recruitment films, this year thanks to some very supportive sponsors, we were hired for the full season highlight package complete with banquet film and team film. Advantech Security, Inc., Aloe & Carr, P.A. and Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Inc. sponsored the Riders regular season and gave us the opportunity to provide Caesar Rodney lacrosse with their first full season Nkognito Production. This season was also the 20th anniversary of the program. The season was filled with goal after goal after goal. Their season ended in the semi-finals giving us more highlights to incorporate in their film.

Our recruitment films at Wilmington Friends and Tatnall gave us an opportunity to meet new people, new athletes and enjoy watching more talented individuals around the state. All the games we filmed for girls lacrosse at Wilmington Friends were intense to the last minute. Great close games are always fun to film and watch!! It is always great to see so many student athletes working hard and playing the sports they love.

The end of spring also brought us to Lake Forest for the 4th year in a row to film their graduation. It’s a long night but seeing so many young people accomplish high school and set out on a new chapter is always touching.

With graduation done and two banquets completed, its time to spend the next month to two months editing in the studio. Many films to put together in a short time. Recruitments, two team films produced and shipped, graduation film produced and shipped as well as a host of individual cinematic films. Summer is our in studio busy time, which is okay, just in time to turn on the AC!

Spring 2014!

Spring has sprung in a major way here at Nkognito Productions. Spring sports are in full swing and there is no shortage of filming to be done.
For the fifth year in a row we are back in Wilmington with #1 Salesianum boys’ lacrosse. Every year with Coach Healy, Coach Plews and the rest of the Salesianum lacrosse family has been an adventure and a great experience. We are excited to be back again. With a tougher schedule each year and the continued strive for national recognition, this season is sure to be a great one. There should be no shortage of highlights for this years’ film!
Last year, we were hired by some parents at Caesar Rodney Boys Lacrosse to do recruitment films for their sons. We ended up doing a short banquet film since we had so much footage of the team from the season. They loved it and decided they wanted the whole package. So this year with help from local sponsors, Advantech Security, Vision Quest Eye Care Center and Dr. Aloe & Carr, we are following the CR boys lacrosse team to create their season highlight film. With a new head coach and this being their 20th season, its a great year to be a part of the program. Since our own children attend this high school, it should be an entertaining experience.
We are also out on occasion filming other lacrosse games for recruitment films. We are definitely making our way around the state this spring. With other promotional filming going on for some local organizations, it’s proving to be an insanely busy spring.
Insanely busy = business is good!!
Make sure to watch our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for up to date insight on where we are or what we are working on!
If you see us at an event, make sure to say Hi, or give us a shout out on Instagram (@nkognitoproductions), Twitter (@nknfilms) or Facebook (Nkognito Productions)!

Caitlyn & Tyler – Ready for Anything

In 2011, we produced a soccer recruitment film for Tyler Kuhn. In 2014 when he decided to propose to his girlfriend, he knew he wanted something unique. He called us and asked if we did proposal films, a short film to blow his girlfriend’s socks off and show just how far he was willing to go to make her happy. He had an idea and wanted some input and guidance to make the film a huge hit. Nkognito Productions has done plenty of weddings, but we have never been asked to do a proposal film, especially one like this. But we never turn down a great project idea, especially one from a returning client!! Tyler came to us with an open mind and a positive approach to any idea we had while filming. No matter how many takes it took, or how many times he had to repeat his steps to get the perfect shot, he was willing to do whatever it took to make his proposal film perfect. After scouting a couple locations, we found the perfect, out of the way location and began filming. The most important key to the film, was including the fact that Tyler asked for her fathers permission, as Caitlyn expressed was very important to her. The timing of the father/Tyler scene was critical, we only had one to two hours to get all the footage and audio necessary while Caitlyn was away at singing practice for her upcoming church solo.
After a few weeks of getting all the pieces together, Tyler knew the film would not be complete without her reaction and the actual proposal on film. So on March 16th, we headed to Calvary Assembly of God to film, discreetly, the live proposal and her reaction to his over the top proposal film. Tyler was not sitting with Caitlyn at the time this film was played at church, so his entrance and the reaction are genuine.
We feel so privileged to have been asked to film and produce such a personal moment in the lives of these two amazing young adults! Thank you Tyler for allowing us to be a part of this special day and time in your life. We would also like to thank the DeHoff’s for allowing us into your home to film and the pastor and congregation at Calvary Assembly of God for allowing us to film the proposal. Tyler & Caitlyn, Congratulations and we wish you nothing but the best and much happiness!!

Expense or Investment????

Kids are expensive!! Wonderful but expensive!

If you have an active, outgoing child, they push your wallet to the breaking point. Every time a new season starts your child needs something new. It can get crazy and most parents start to feel like an ATM. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the sports arena.
In a day & age where high school sophomores and juniors are already getting college offers, parents will stop at nothing to give their child the advantage. An increasing number of parents pay out now for the latest and greatest gear in hopes it will all pay off if their child gets a scholarship.
Parents spend thousands of dollars a year on new equipment, team dues, travel, tournament entries, private coaching, and fitness routines all in hopes of getting their child recruited.
The theory becomes, “If I pay out now, when they go off to college on a full ride, my spending days are over!!” $200 cleats, $300 bat, $250 stick, $1500 travel team dues and $3000 a year in travel expenses. All worth it, Right?
The crazy part is parents will shell out all of that money and immediately hit the brakes when asked to spend $400 – $1000 on a recruitment film. Why?
Most parents see a professional recruitment film as another expense. They view the equipment and travel teams as a “necessity”. The value of a recruitment film is not immediately seen by parents because their child does not wear it or use it every day. A bat or stick, they can see but a recruitment film is digital media, not something your child carries onto the field. Parents are blinded by the constant dollars signs of todays’ youth sports & when told they need film, they immediately think they will save money and do it themselves or not do it at all. (For more insight on filming sports yourself, please refer to our blog dated 02/10/14)
Before making such a decision parents should stop and think for a moment. “If I spend $400-$1000 now for a recruitment film and my child gets recruited, I will not have to pay for some or all of college. So essentially I will have saved or even made money by spending a few hundred on a recruitment film.”
Sounds simple, which is probably why most parents blow right past the simplicity of the decision and go straight to a “No, I’m not spending more money on that” answer.
The decision comes down to pure basic math. For example:
Johnny’s recruitment film will cost $800. The college he wants to go to costs $30,000 a year not including books or housing. If Johnny goes to college for four years it will cost over $120,000 just for tuition. BUT, if Johnny gets a scholarship for even half of his tuition, it will only cost him and his family $60,000 for a four year degree. The other $60,000 he got in scholarship money is a savings to his family. The $800 recruitment film that was emailed to the college coach and got Johnny noticed becomes a priceless investment!! Even if Johnny’s parents bought a couple recruitment films over his high school career, that money becomes an invaluable investment when they are saving $60,000 for their child to get a college degree.
Once you take a step back and think of the decision for a recruitment film in math terms, the theory quickly changes to “If I spend this now, I save much more later”
It is important to note that any athlete looking to be recruited should be a student first and an athlete second. Good grades and study habits are must for recruitment and a must to make it in college academics. It’s also important to point out that a recruitment film does not guarantee a college scholarship, but it does guarantee your child has a better chance of getting noticed by college recruiters with film to highlight their skills.
College gets increasingly expensive each year. Between tuition, books, housing, & food it almost becomes like a second mortgage. If you have more than one child that doubles and retirement soon becomes a far-away dream.
So before you hit the brakes and say no to a professional recruitment film, take a moment, think long-term savings potential and then make your decision.

Professional vs. DIY Video


Every parent wants filmed memories of their children.  Whether a recital, school play or sporting event, every parent has made the attempt to be both; supportive parent, cheerleader/fan and videographer.  There is no doubt when you replayed your video you found yourself saying; “What was I filming?”; “I wish it was clearer”; or our all-time favorite, “Do I really yell and cheer that loud”!

Not every parent has the steady hand required to get quality film nor do they have the self-control not to jump up and down and cheer during their child’s game.  And who can blame them.  Our first job as parents is to be supportive, be present and be our child’s biggest fan/cheerleader.

When parents of athletes are tasked with filming while cheering, to help get their child recruited to college, the film often ends up shaky, with loud cheering (good & bad), blurry focus and missed plays.  We all want the best for our children and we want to be all things to our children.  But, sometimes it’s best to tap out and let professionals’ handle things.

With a professional filming your athlete, there are lots perks.  The professional is first and foremost just that, a professional.  It is their job to film and film correctly.  A professional has no bias in the athletic event, so good play or bad play, win or lose, the event is filmed without capturing the parents’ reactions.  With a professional you get a focused, crisp clear picture which makes it easier for you and recruiters to pick out your athlete.  A professional is also not distracted by other parents, family or surroundings.  Their sole purpose is to capture every play of the game.

Professionals who film sports often have a better idea of what a college wants to view than parents.  To a parent, it only makes sense to film just your child.  Why focus on the whole play?  Why not zoom in tighter on your own child?  The pro’s know the answers to those questions and film accordingly.  Recruiters like to see the whole play and watch the play develop.  They may ask to see a whole game.  If they do and as a parent you only focused in on your child, or only filmed when your child was playing, you do not have what they are asking to see.    The professional camera person knows this and films so that the entire game is visible.  That way your child can be noticed and any recruiter can see everything they are looking for at one time.

Film in sports is an absolute MUST these days.  Every athlete looking to play at the collegiate level needs some type of film to get them noticed.  In this day and age where high school sophomores and juniors are already getting offers to play in college, having the best film available of your athlete is paramount.

The best way to enjoy your athletes’ high school career and get them the best film advantage possible to be recruited is to hire a professional sports videographer.  You will enjoy the event and reap the benefits of hiring a professional when the colleges are knocking on your door.

So, enjoy the game, the atmosphere and focus on the most important thing, your child and let the professional handle the film.

Updates, Updates!!!

Taking some time this weekend to update our website a bit.  Fall was a crazy busy sports season for us and we are finally seeing some light.  However, I realized in our haste to get the recruitments out to the athletes we hadn’t updated our website recently with our newest work.  As you travel through our website you will see new additions like Volleyball and Ice Hockey, updates within Softball, plus a lot of new additions in the Football area.  Especially the class of 2015!!  With 2014 starting, this is usually the time of year to regroup and make adjustments and updates.  While visiting our site, if there is something you don’t see and wish we would post or want more information on, please feel free to send us an email via the contact form.  We love to hear from fans, clients, potential clients, and anyone who follows our work.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you are missing out on our Countdown to Spring!  Well, more notably, our Countdown to March 1st!!  The beginning of March marks the official start to Spring sports season, and I don’t know about you, but here at Nkognito, we are ready for the warm weather!  We post frequently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to try and keep up with the latest events and news.  Take the time to follow us today if you don’t already do so.

For now, back to updating and editing!!!

Defenseman – Zac Kelly

How do you win three consecutive lacrosse state championships? How do you achieve national recognition? A phenomenal defense is key for both! Salesianum Lacrosse has put together just that type of defense. When on the field and you clear, you better make sure you have a good grip on your stick and fast feet because the defense is coming for you. One integral member of that defense is Zac Kelly, who is currently continuing his education and lacrosse career at Washington College in Chestertown, MD.

Zac’s career at Salesianum was marked by many achievements. This 3x state champ was named All State in 2012-2013 and one of Salesianum’s Defensive Player of the Year. Add on such accolades as honor roll, 2013 Senior All Star Select and being a member of the National Honor Society and you begin to paint the picture of well rounded student athlete.

In his senior year, Zac helped lead the team to their coveted National Recognition with wins over top out of state schools like Georgetown Prep, LaCosta Canyon (CA), Shawnee (NJ), and St. Augestine Prep (NJ). Zac’s senior year, they finished with a record of 17-2 and an in state record of 11-0! During their three year reign as state champions, Zac and his team had a record of 38-0 versus in state teams!! Not a bad way to end an amazing high school career! What can you do to preserve such a season and career? An individual cinematic highlight is the only way to go!!!

We can’t wait to see what the next level in Zac’s career will hold for him, but we will surely be watching for the Washington College Men’s Lacrosse stats. Nkognito Productions would like to thank Zac and his parents, Paul & Eileen for allowing us to do what we do best and preserve these memories for you and for doing our part in creating his recruitment film. We wish you the best of luck at the next level Zac!

Check out his 2013 highlights!

2013 – A year in review!

Hard to believe 2013 is just about over. Although people say that every year and it may sound a bit cliché` it is true nonetheless! As an adult, especially as parents running a business, the years seem to fly by faster and faster. Of course in our case, they probably go by so quickly because we seem to do everything in “sports seasons”!

2013 was one of the busiest years to date and brought Nkognito into a new era. The True HD Era!! We started off our filming season in True Hi Definition and haven’t looked back!! We invested in new True HD cameras and new iMac’s to go with them!! No more PC’s and no more tapes for filming!! For anyone who doesn’t think that there is a big difference between standard and hi-def, please give us a call and we will gladly show you the remarkable difference. Especially in sports, filming our sports in HD made this year even more fun. To be able to freeze frame and see the coin in mid air from the coin toss….yeah that is priceless film footage!!

Spring 2013 found us filming five different schools for lacrosse. That was a record for us and we had a blast!! So many athletes and so many games, we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. Ending our spring sports season at the state championship for a history making three-peat was pretty stellar!

Summer 2013 was filled with lots of studio time editing film from the spring. Not to mention filming Lake Forest’s Graduation for the 3rd straight year, filming a 3 day lacrosse tournament and traveling to Aston, PA to film an ice hockey tournament.

Fall 2013 had us all over the place. It was a season full of new events or should we say new adventures. We dropped a school for football season and booked only two this year. Those two schools kept us on our toes all season long. From training camp, traveling out of state, filming in monsoon like rain, to the state tournament, we filmed it all and it made for a fantastic football season. A fantastic season capped off by a state championship win by one of our schools, Salesianum! It doesn’t get much better than that!

This fall was not just about football though. Fall 2013 was a season for everything. Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse! Guess it’s a good thing high school football games are typically only Friday or Saturdays.

How we found the time to unwind for a week in Strathmere, NJ….. I have no idea. Thankfully we made time. It was much needed family time! Unplugged and all, it was an awesome week with our kids!

This year we produced 5 banquet films, CR Lax, “Strength thru Others” (Salesianum Lacrosse), the All State Football highlight, “Seahawk Nation 2” (Delaware Military Academy Football) and “The Regime” (Salesianum Football).

Our year in quick review: 56 regular season games, 8 volleyball games, 7 playoff games, 5 banquet films, 4 team season highlight films, 3 days of softball skills, 3 field hockey games, 2 state championships, 1 graduation, 1 ice hockey tournament, 1 lacrosse tournament, some promos, lots of recruitment films and several cinematic individual highlights. Plus lots more!!

As the year winds down, we are still working on recruitment films and cinematic personal highlights. The finishing touches will be added to “The Regime” and it will be shipped in January 2014.

2013 also brought us new friends and colleagues that helped make this year one for the books. Thanks to our friends and the fantastic group at TITUS Sports! You guys rock and it’s been great getting to know you all this year. Thanks for always being such gracious hosts when we come to film the athletes training. The atmosphere and the staff always make our visits easy!! The group at TITUS does so much for everyone they train. They are definitely an elite outfit!! Thank you for all you do and your commitment to all the athletes you work with from young to old! Looking forward to seeing you all in 2014!!

2014 is wide open and the possibilities are endless. Thank you to everyone who made this year such a success. We truly appreciate your business and loyalty. From all of us at Nkognito Productions, we would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy New Year!!





Football over??? What? Already!!!

The 2013 football season came and went too fast. One day we were filming training camp in 90 degree weather, the next we had banquet films due. We must admit this was one of the best football seasons we have been a part of to date. What a great season to watch and capture on film.

Our friends at Delaware Military Academy had us back for a second season. With no home field to call their own which caused them to have to look for fields and caused a couple schedule changes, they rose past the adversity and finished the season 6-4. This year they said goodbye to some great seniors and debuted the talents of some fantastic underclassmen. These underclassmen have us anxious to see what 2014 will hold for this football program.

As always Salesianum took us on a whirlwind ride this season. From training camp, to the overtime season opener, to New York, Ohio, dominating Middletown twice, the Holy War, an overtime semi-final game and to the State Championship!! WOW!!! What a season is all we can say!! This years senior class at Sallies was not leaving without the ring and they had the support of an entire team to make this season legendary. Watch for more on their stellar season as we get closer to the release of their season film. “The Regime” due out in home theatres January 2014.

As always, we try to keep it interesting and try new things. This season, we dabbled in game week posters for DMA and Salesianum. We also put together a few promos for some notable games including a couple for the local high school our children attend. Caesar Rodney fell in the semi-finals to Middletown, but had several highlights during their season including a huge win over cross town rival Dover High School.

While everyone else has moved onto wrestling and basketball, we are still on football!! Between recruitments, personal cinematic highlights and team highlight films, we have plenty of football to keep us busy going into 2014.

Thank you to all of the coaches, players and parents for another successful and eventful football season!! We look forward to seeing you all in 2014!!

The Relentless Lefty

In fall 2014 St. Joseph’s University will have on its roster one of the best left handed attacks to ever play the game of lacrosse. Jason Kelly’s incredible high school career has earned him such honors as; US All American, UNC Team Camp All Star and First Team All State. With another full season left to go, its hard to imagine what accolades could still come his way. This 3 time state champion was instrumental in aiding Salesianum Lacrosse to achieve their National Recognition in the 2013 season. With 63 goals and 34 assists his contribution to the team is unquestionable. Jason reeks havoc on goalies and defenses where ever he goes. His ability to shoot fast to the top or bottom corners and his almighty fake!! He is truly something to watch when playing and a relentless scorer.
We have had the pleasure of filming Jason for the past 3 years. After producing his recruitment film, being asked to create this cinematic highlight was an extra treat. So much talent and so many amazing shots/scores to highlight. Nkognito Productions would like to thank Jason and his parents for allowing us to do what we do! Hopefully they will enjoy these highlights for years to come. We look forward to one more season at Salesianum with Jason as it is sure to be a fantastic one. Until lacrosse season, you can enjoy his 2013 highlights in this cinematic film.

T e s t i m o n i a l s
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