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10 Years & Counting – The NKN Story

Ten years ago this October marks the anniversary of Nkognito Productions going from being a hobby to a legitimate business. The passion and drive that fueled that decision still resonates today. So much has changed and so much has been accomplished in these 10 years.
Owner, Chris Larson, fell in love with videography after taking an AVR class in high school. A class he thought would just fill his senior schedule, unveiled a passion he had no idea existed within him. For the years following high school, Chris did different projects for family friends and co-workers. He started out doing some “mixtapes” and cd’s with different compilations. By 2005, Chris had done multiple video projects and knew this was what he wanted, to build a business and create films.

In the summer of 2005, after a chance meeting and an enlightening conversation, Chris knew his chance at his dream was on the brink of becoming a reality. Carlton Brown, the then new head football coach for Dover High, sat on a mutual friends couch with Chris and discussed his vision for his new team. Chris’ vision of a team highlight/documentary just happened to be very similar. The two agreed, the coming fall would be a new beginning for both. That chance meeting and conversation sparked a friendship that has lasted since that day, as well as jump started what has become Nkognito Productions.

In Fall 2005, Chris began Nkognito Productions, LLC with one school and one team. As of 2015, his company performs services for over 3-4 schools and teams in any given sports season as well as personalized films and recruitment films for multitudes of others. Nkognito Productions has seen everything from graduations, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, field hockey, ice hockey, basketball, weddings, retirements, promotional films, training videos and much, much more. Nkognito has gone from one GL2 standard definition camera to multiple professional grade HD cameras. They have gone from working on a PC to an overall upgrade to Apple’s Mac. The transition has been a phenomenal journey that has had its ups and downs like all small business’, but the drive and passion is still alive and real which is a directly reflected in the 10 years of success.

One of the biggest turning points for Nkognito Productions has to be credited to Salesianum’s Lacrosse head coach, Bob Healy, who brought Chris’ film creations to a whole new sport and world of possibilities in 2010. While walking through the hallways at the high school where he taught, Coach Healy saw one of the football players watching their Nkognito film. It immediately caught his eye and he asked “Where did you get that?” By that spring Chris was filming lacrosse for Coach Healy and Coach Plews and a whole new world was opened up. Another lasting friendship formed and a legacy of sports films that can never be matched.

There have been a lot of people who have aided in the success of Nkognito Productions, some for a little while, others have helped for years. While the success cannot be solely credited to Chris, his vision and high standards have driven his company to be the premiere sports filming company in Delaware. In a world where the economy is not always a friend to small business owners and entrepreneurs, the company has had steady growth for 10 years. While others may grow faster, Nkognito has kept a steady pace and stayed true to the non-cookie cutter film production. Each film is a unique film that tells the story of each team. Weddings, graduations, promos all have that Nkognito vibe. While others try to emulate the style, there is a certain creativity and “eye” that Chris has which can never be duplicated.

Nkognito has no plans of slowing down and will continue to create keepsakes and living memories for many sports teams and will continue to aid numerous athletes in their college recruitment process. Ten years has flown by and while we feel like we should have achieved more, looking back, Nkognito has come along way.

Nkognito Productions and Chris would like to give a shout out to just some of those individuals who have helped in Nkognito’s 10 years of success. Brian & Marilyn Larson, Jordan Larson, Ron Dagley, Patrick Larson, Phillip Kizer, Marquis Brown, Carlton Brown, Bob Healy, Shawn Plews, Matt Bloom, Gene Scott, Jackie Donahue, Krystal & PJ Henry, Vicki Reynolds, Donella Berryman, Joe Aviola and countless others.


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