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Expense or Investment????

Kids are expensive!! Wonderful but expensive!

If you have an active, outgoing child, they push your wallet to the breaking point. Every time a new season starts your child needs something new. It can get crazy and most parents start to feel like an ATM. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the sports arena.
In a day & age where high school sophomores and juniors are already getting college offers, parents will stop at nothing to give their child the advantage. An increasing number of parents pay out now for the latest and greatest gear in hopes it will all pay off if their child gets a scholarship.
Parents spend thousands of dollars a year on new equipment, team dues, travel, tournament entries, private coaching, and fitness routines all in hopes of getting their child recruited.
The theory becomes, “If I pay out now, when they go off to college on a full ride, my spending days are over!!” $200 cleats, $300 bat, $250 stick, $1500 travel team dues and $3000 a year in travel expenses. All worth it, Right?
The crazy part is parents will shell out all of that money and immediately hit the brakes when asked to spend $400 – $1000 on a recruitment film. Why?
Most parents see a professional recruitment film as another expense. They view the equipment and travel teams as a “necessity”. The value of a recruitment film is not immediately seen by parents because their child does not wear it or use it every day. A bat or stick, they can see but a recruitment film is digital media, not something your child carries onto the field. Parents are blinded by the constant dollars signs of todays’ youth sports & when told they need film, they immediately think they will save money and do it themselves or not do it at all. (For more insight on filming sports yourself, please refer to our blog dated 02/10/14)
Before making such a decision parents should stop and think for a moment. “If I spend $400-$1000 now for a recruitment film and my child gets recruited, I will not have to pay for some or all of college. So essentially I will have saved or even made money by spending a few hundred on a recruitment film.”
Sounds simple, which is probably why most parents blow right past the simplicity of the decision and go straight to a “No, I’m not spending more money on that” answer.
The decision comes down to pure basic math. For example:
Johnny’s recruitment film will cost $800. The college he wants to go to costs $30,000 a year not including books or housing. If Johnny goes to college for four years it will cost over $120,000 just for tuition. BUT, if Johnny gets a scholarship for even half of his tuition, it will only cost him and his family $60,000 for a four year degree. The other $60,000 he got in scholarship money is a savings to his family. The $800 recruitment film that was emailed to the college coach and got Johnny noticed becomes a priceless investment!! Even if Johnny’s parents bought a couple recruitment films over his high school career, that money becomes an invaluable investment when they are saving $60,000 for their child to get a college degree.
Once you take a step back and think of the decision for a recruitment film in math terms, the theory quickly changes to “If I spend this now, I save much more later”
It is important to note that any athlete looking to be recruited should be a student first and an athlete second. Good grades and study habits are must for recruitment and a must to make it in college academics. It’s also important to point out that a recruitment film does not guarantee a college scholarship, but it does guarantee your child has a better chance of getting noticed by college recruiters with film to highlight their skills.
College gets increasingly expensive each year. Between tuition, books, housing, & food it almost becomes like a second mortgage. If you have more than one child that doubles and retirement soon becomes a far-away dream.
So before you hit the brakes and say no to a professional recruitment film, take a moment, think long-term savings potential and then make your decision.

Professional vs. DIY Video


Every parent wants filmed memories of their children.  Whether a recital, school play or sporting event, every parent has made the attempt to be both; supportive parent, cheerleader/fan and videographer.  There is no doubt when you replayed your video you found yourself saying; “What was I filming?”; “I wish it was clearer”; or our all-time favorite, “Do I really yell and cheer that loud”!

Not every parent has the steady hand required to get quality film nor do they have the self-control not to jump up and down and cheer during their child’s game.  And who can blame them.  Our first job as parents is to be supportive, be present and be our child’s biggest fan/cheerleader.

When parents of athletes are tasked with filming while cheering, to help get their child recruited to college, the film often ends up shaky, with loud cheering (good & bad), blurry focus and missed plays.  We all want the best for our children and we want to be all things to our children.  But, sometimes it’s best to tap out and let professionals’ handle things.

With a professional filming your athlete, there are lots perks.  The professional is first and foremost just that, a professional.  It is their job to film and film correctly.  A professional has no bias in the athletic event, so good play or bad play, win or lose, the event is filmed without capturing the parents’ reactions.  With a professional you get a focused, crisp clear picture which makes it easier for you and recruiters to pick out your athlete.  A professional is also not distracted by other parents, family or surroundings.  Their sole purpose is to capture every play of the game.

Professionals who film sports often have a better idea of what a college wants to view than parents.  To a parent, it only makes sense to film just your child.  Why focus on the whole play?  Why not zoom in tighter on your own child?  The pro’s know the answers to those questions and film accordingly.  Recruiters like to see the whole play and watch the play develop.  They may ask to see a whole game.  If they do and as a parent you only focused in on your child, or only filmed when your child was playing, you do not have what they are asking to see.    The professional camera person knows this and films so that the entire game is visible.  That way your child can be noticed and any recruiter can see everything they are looking for at one time.

Film in sports is an absolute MUST these days.  Every athlete looking to play at the collegiate level needs some type of film to get them noticed.  In this day and age where high school sophomores and juniors are already getting offers to play in college, having the best film available of your athlete is paramount.

The best way to enjoy your athletes’ high school career and get them the best film advantage possible to be recruited is to hire a professional sports videographer.  You will enjoy the event and reap the benefits of hiring a professional when the colleges are knocking on your door.

So, enjoy the game, the atmosphere and focus on the most important thing, your child and let the professional handle the film.

Updates, Updates!!!

Taking some time this weekend to update our website a bit.  Fall was a crazy busy sports season for us and we are finally seeing some light.  However, I realized in our haste to get the recruitments out to the athletes we hadn’t updated our website recently with our newest work.  As you travel through our website you will see new additions like Volleyball and Ice Hockey, updates within Softball, plus a lot of new additions in the Football area.  Especially the class of 2015!!  With 2014 starting, this is usually the time of year to regroup and make adjustments and updates.  While visiting our site, if there is something you don’t see and wish we would post or want more information on, please feel free to send us an email via the contact form.  We love to hear from fans, clients, potential clients, and anyone who follows our work.

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For now, back to updating and editing!!!

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