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The Relentless Lefty

In fall 2014 St. Joseph’s University will have on its roster one of the best left handed attacks to ever play the game of lacrosse. Jason Kelly’s incredible high school career has earned him such honors as; US All American, UNC Team Camp All Star and First Team All State. With another full season left to go, its hard to imagine what accolades could still come his way. This 3 time state champion was instrumental in aiding Salesianum Lacrosse to achieve their National Recognition in the 2013 season. With 63 goals and 34 assists his contribution to the team is unquestionable. Jason reeks havoc on goalies and defenses where ever he goes. His ability to shoot fast to the top or bottom corners and his almighty fake!! He is truly something to watch when playing and a relentless scorer.
We have had the pleasure of filming Jason for the past 3 years. After producing his recruitment film, being asked to create this cinematic highlight was an extra treat. So much talent and so many amazing shots/scores to highlight. Nkognito Productions would like to thank Jason and his parents for allowing us to do what we do! Hopefully they will enjoy these highlights for years to come. We look forward to one more season at Salesianum with Jason as it is sure to be a fantastic one. Until lacrosse season, you can enjoy his 2013 highlights in this cinematic film.


Motivation, determination, skill, drive, and heart are just a few of the attributes necessary to be an outstanding athlete. To stand out above the rest you have to have a natural ability as well as the desire to constantly improve yourself. If your not on the field, then you are in the gym. Never taking a season off. Working, lifting, running, driving for that extra technique and finesse that will show on the field just how much you have prepared off the field. This type of athlete has a presence on and off the field that can be felt by teammates, coaches, parents and opponents. As a spectator, coach or teammate you know they will make something happen on the field. As an opponent, they are your worst fear, the athlete you can never quite prepare enough to face. Athletes like this rarely play one sport in high school and are usually successful at most any sport they play. They are too driven by their athletic ability, the thrill of competition, and the camaraderie of a team.
One such athlete would be a three time state champion in lacrosse and a 2014 Penn State football commit. He has been named All State three times while also being named first team All State twice. The US Lacrosse All American that we are speaking of is Troy Reeder. An outstanding student/athlete, Troy has been a two sport athlete during his entire tenure at Salesianum. With Troy’s presence and dominance on the lacrosse field, he helped push the Salesianum Lacrosse team thru their rigorous 2013 schedule to achieve National Recognition and the coveted three peat in the state championship.
We have had the privilege of filming Troy and producing several recruitment/highlight films for him over the last four years in football and lacrosse. So what do you do when you have great highlights from lacrosse, but have chosen to continue your athletic career in football? You get a cinematic highlight film. A keepsake to cherish these high school memories for a lifetime. This was one of the hardest films we have produced to date. When you are a dominating player such as Troy, there is no shortage of highlights and that makes our job difficult. How do you decide which highlights don’t make the cut and which ones do? After a lot of editing and review, we think we picked them just perfectly!!
Nkognito Productions would like to thank Troy and his parents, Dan & Cheryl for allowing us to create all of his highlights during his high school career. Its been an awesome ride, one we are glad is not quite over yet!! We hope the Reeder’s all enjoy these films and highlights for years to come. So without further delay, here is Troy’s 2013 lacrosse cinematic highlight, we hope you enjoy!

T e s t i m o n i a l s
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
A r c h i v e s