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Take a moment and look around. People watch for just a moment or two, at the store, at work, at a restaurant, even in your own home. Notice 85-90% of the people have a cell phone in their hand and are looking down.             Looking down, making no eye contact with the person sitting with them, the person walking towards them, or anyone else. Everyone is guilty of being constantly distracted by their smartphones. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, you name it, we are all guilty of one or another. I personally and completely addicted to Pinterest and I am constantly on Twitter & Instagram trying to keep our business fresh in the “news feeds” so we are out there everyday. Like most typical families, when at home, our children are usually in their rooms and we are typically in studio working, resting from filming or cleaning. The girls are in their rooms watching Netflix or Hulu Plus, our son is enjoying his Xbox. All three with an iPhone or iPod not far from their reach. Between YouTube videos, texting, taking selfies for Instagram or SnapChat, we had to ban cell phones from the dinner table just so we could have normal conversations like a family. Like we used to have when we were growing up and everyone sat down for dinner.
We recently went on a mid-September family vacation to the Jersey Shore. A quiet, beautiful serene beach in the tiny beach town of Strathmere. We are so busy filming during the spring and editing during the summer that we rarely get time away with our three growing teenagers. So this year, realizing our years are numbered with all three of them at home, we took them out of school for the week and headed north. There were mixed reviews from our kids on missing a week of school, but nonetheless everyone a little excited to just get away. Little did the kids know our intent was to go…UNPLUGGED!! Thats right no phones, no video games, nothing but board games, the beach, family walks, family dinners, family lunches, and a couple movies. Even Chris and I left our phones on the counter and only checked our business emails a couple times a day. The only selfies taken on this trip were with our “regular old” digital camera! No fancy iPhone or iPod.
When the children were sat down and told of our plan to reconnect as a family and go unplugged, their faces were priceless. Two were okay with it, as they don’t normally go against many decisions we make. Our oldest, our feisty 16 year old had apparently just been asked to donate her left arm because her life was now over for the next week. At 16, having instant access to selfies and texting are a must to survive. After a little pouting, it was all okay. We tried to explain to the children that being connected as a family is important, and that just because we are all often in the same home, it does not mean we are really all together.
It was so nice to play many games of Uno, a game of Clue (The Office edition of course), Monopoly, and Connect Four. We took almost daily walks on the beach even tho it was a little chilly. We spent two of the warmest days on the beach just relaxing, getting a little sun, doing a little body boarding and throwing the football around. At night, a family dinner, home cooked items of the kids choosing that we do not typically have at home. A couple movie nights to pass the time together and enjoy some movies we all had not had a chance to see yet. (By the way The Peebles by Tyler Perry, good movie with lots & lots of laughs, if you haven’t seen it, you should) We even took bike rides around the small town of Strathmere. Chris and the girls took a ride one night for over an hour and a half. They traveled south to a neighboring town of Sea Isle City and back.
What we noticed most about being unplugged is how much fun can be had when all five of us don’t have our heads down, looking at our phones and not really listening and making eye contact with each other. I noticed when taking walks, that even our kids greeted the other people we passed with a smile and courteous “Hi” or “Hello”. At home, they would have not even noticed those other people on the street because they would have been immersed in their own world on their phones/ipods. We recaptured the ability to have conversations and joke around as a family. We recaptured the appreciation for how each of our growing teenagers are so different, such individuals and are getting older and growing into young adults.
Growing up in the 70’s-80’s, Chris and I come from a time where, you played outside till dark, rode your bikes everywhere, had to use the house phone in the kitchen (on the wall with the long cord) and had to listen to whatever station your parents chose in the car. (Until the almighty walkman in the 80’s, then you just had to have enough batteries!!) There were no distractions when you went to a family function or when your family sat down for dinner or sat down to watch tv. Nowadays, its a constant struggle to keep someones attention because they are always afraid they are missing something else on their phone while you are trying to talk to them.
It was an experience, and while there were challenges as it was a change, the fact that our youngest said “We should have one night a week that we all go Unplugged when we get back home” tells me it was a much needed break. A much needed break from home, work and from ourselves and social media. I would encourage all of our friends, clients and associates to try it. Especially if you have children, this is the most precious time and we teach them to be a family by the example we set. There are so many lessons to learn, as a parent, as a child, as a human being. I truly believe learning to know when to pull the plug on social media and take a “time out” and go Unplugged, is an incredibly valuable lesson. You will not regret the time spent, free time to just breath and really take it all in with out any distractions.

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Graham Seuffert – The Motivator

At the end of every high school athletes career there is that moment of reflection.  The moment where they are excited about the prospects the collegiate life will bring and sadness of leaving what has been an epic career in high school athletics.  The moment the athlete realizes all of their hard work has paid off and now it is time to start over in a new program.  The moment they realize, the teammates they trust and “just click” with will no longer meet them on the field each day.  The relationships and rhythms they have created over the last four years, will have to be reworked with new teammates they have yet to meet.  In that very moment, every athlete replays their high school career highlights in their head.  To quietly reminisce about the triumphs, lessons learned and skills mastered.  How do you hold onto those moments, those goals, those wins, the feel of a championship win (or 3)?  A cinematic highlight film is how.

After committing to Bryant University and winning a historic 3rd straight state championship, team captain, Graham Seuffert needed only one last thing to complete his high school lacrosse career.  A living memoir of his four years playing for the nationally ranked program at Salesianum.  Graham’s four years comes with many accolades, a 3-time All State player, Under Armour All American, Adidas All American, 3-time state champion.  The list goes on.  Graham was the motivator, the speaker, the heart and soul of each pre-game huddle or speech.  Graham was the voice.  Though you could never clearly hear from the stands what words of wisdom Graham parted on his teammates, you knew by the thunderous roar of his brothers in arms that it must have been epic.  Words that rallied them to national ranking, words that drove them to a historic 3peat in the state championship, words that demanded greatness on every play.  When speaking of playing for others and what it means to the program, you could see the honest passion in his face and the tone of his voice.  Especially the programs beloved, Savannah Strong.  Grahams motivational tone accompanied by his relentless speed and mind blowing skills made him an asset that will be sorely missed.

We would like to thank Graham and his family for allowing us to do our small part by creating his recruitment film and for entrusting us to create this living memoir of his high school lacrosse career.  We hope you enjoy this for years to come.  Graham it has been a pleasure to work with you and watch you grow as a person and athlete over the last four years and we wish you the best of luck at Bryant.

Take a moment and watch his cinematic highlight, its a great film showcasing the career of a fantastic athlete and individual.


The Unsung Hero

On every team, there is a player that quietly makes a huge difference in every game. On every team, there is a silent leader. On every team, there is that one athlete that is a utility player. On every team, there is …… an “Unsung Hero”!!!  We do not typically name our individual highlight films, but if we were to name this one, that would be the title. “The Unsung Hero”

For Salesianum, that player was Craig Zebrowski. After committing to Boston University, Craig had no need for a recruitment film, but as a senior on the cusp of a 3peat in the state championship, this First Team All State & All American Player needed some type of momento for his highlights. Combining Craig’s junior and senior year highlights, Nkognito Productions has created the longest individual cinematic highlight we have ever produced. With a player this involved and talented, there are just so many highlights to include, it was hard to choose which ones would make the cut for the film. After working with Craig over the last four years, we can honestly say, he is one of the most talented, genuine and awesome athletes you can ever meet. A true team player, Craig is never afraid to go up the middle to make the play or make the defensive play so his teammate can get the goal. Craig was instrumental in Salesianum reaching their historic 3peat in 2013 and reaching national recognition. Craig’s quiet leadership, unbridled talent, and relentless pursuit of greatness make him the asset he is to any lacrosse team. He will be greatly missed at Salesianum but his newest adventure is just beginning in New England.

It has been a privilege to get to know and work with Craig and his family over the past few years. We would like to thank the Zebrowski’s for allowing us to create these memories for you and for allowing us to do our small part in the recruitment process. Best of luck at Boston University Craig, we look forward to seeing you play at the next level!!!

Please take a few moments to watch this amazing athlete in this cinematic highlight of Craig Zebrowski, The Unsung Hero of Broom Street!!

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