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Sweet Success!

When history is made, there are those that were a part of it, those that witnessed it and those that wish they had been there. Then there are those who get to document and preserve it. Nkognito Productions were those that witnessed history in the making during the 2013 lacrosse season and were there to capture every minute possible in order to preserve the memories for a lifetime. Winning a state championship in boys lacrosse has been done many times, but winning it three years in a row had never been done. Never until this year, Salesianum Lacrosse won their third consecutive championship and made history. With the toughest schedule they had ever faced, achieving national recognition and making state and school history, this lacrosse season was one that will be remembered for a long time.

In true Nkognito Productions fashion, we felt that the normal delivery of the Salesianum Lacrosse team film was not enough to showcase the awesomeness of the 2013 season. So we decided, lets go big or go home! First, a package was needed, then what to put in the package? A true movie night in a box!! Every family tells us they watch the year end films as a family in a movie night to relive the season. Movie night in a box requires popcorn, an epic movie, oh and lets not forget the chocolate!! Thats right, M&M’s in Nkognito colors!! Below are some pictures of the packaging we put together to deliver the holy grail of lacrosse highlight films.

Str3ngth thru Others showcases how pulling together and playing for others brought the 2013 Salesianum Lacrosse team their sought after three-peat and the national recognition they deserved. We are pleased to say that the “Movie night in a box” was a success! We surprised everyone with a great package and a film that we are told was “awesome”, “sick”, “outstanding”, “amazing” and one of our favorites “just wow”!!

Thanks to everyone who lets us be a part of the Salesianum Lacrosse family and for giving us the access and freedom to do what we do and preserve these memorable years in a way you can enjoy watching for many, many years! Until next season…Enjoy!!

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