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It’s never “just” about Lacrosse!!

When you hear a schools name and a sporting event, you think athletes, referee’s, score boards, coaches, fans, athletic trainers, etc. However, at Salesianum the lacrosse games are NEVER just lacrosse games. Traditionally each game is dedicated to everyone else, especially those they carry with them onto the field on their helmets and in their hearts. On any given helmet you can see from 2-5 symbols of those individuals that have touched the Salesianum Lacrosse team and fuel their drive to win. Savannah Pauley, Joe Heim, Andrew McDonough, Papa Healy to name a few, and now, Walt Kern. Each year Sallies Lacrosse hosts a “Savannah Day” game where they go “all out” in support of those they have lost, especially Savannah Pauley. Pink turtle shorts, Pink helmets, pink laces, bag pipe entrances!! It is quite a tribute to those who inspire the team to strive for more through the struggle they faced. This year it is unfortunate that a new sticker is added to the Sallies helmet, however in true brotherly and noble fashion, the team will honor a teammates father in a special game this Thursday at Middletown. This time, they will wear green in support of Walt Kern and liver disease. At this game in a community where the Kerns are from, both teams will show their love and support through the efforts of a Middletown senior and her senior project. Katie Thompson of Middletown High School made “Winning for Walt” her senior project and brought to life the t-shirts that will be worn at the game. This game will be played with a lot of emotion on both sides of the field and should no doubt show an outpouring of support for the Kern family.

A lot of teams say they are a brotherhood. A lot of teams claim to play for others. At Salesianum, if you are part of the lacrosse team, those statements are true everyday. The tradition of playing for others and using their strength to want more and to be better is practiced everyday. The coaches live it and feel it and so does every player. The support from the parents for their causes is amazing and coupled with the teams drive is one of the reasons for their success.

Salesianum lacrosse is so much more than meets the eye. Loads of talented athletes, great coaches, supportive parents/fans, and a drive to give it their all for those they have lost. Check out the “Winning for Walt” game on Thursday, April 25th, 6pm at Cavalier’s Stadium in Middletown, AND, “Savannah Day” on Monday April 30th at 7pm versus St. Marks at Baynard Stadium.


1st Annual Savannah Strong Lacrosse-Golf Tournament

On Sunday April 7th, we took a trip to Wilmington to capture some candid film footage of a few of the talented Salesianum Lacrosse players doing something none had ever done before. Golfing with their lacrosse sticks!! Thanks to the creative mind of Bailey Martin along with his family, they created and organized the first ever Lacrosse Golf tournament. The tournament was created to have fun while giving back to a cause that is close to the hearts of every Salesianum Lacrosse Player, Savannah Strong! The idea of the game, use your lacrosse stick to “tee off” and get your ball to the green, then use golf clubs on the green!! It was quite a sight to see and an entertaining event. While some took the score more serious, and others just enjoyed the game and racing back to the golf carts to get to the next hole, all in all the day seemed to be a good time for all the dads and players that participated. With support from sponsors and the participants, Bailey created something that he hopes will become an annual event to raise money for one of Salesianum Lacrosse’s beloved charities. Thank you to all the participants for being so cooperative and letting us be your very own paparazzi on the golf course! And a special thank you to Bailey and his family for putting such a unique event together and allowing us to capture pieces of this day. A special promo is coming soon for this event. Hope to see you all next year at the 2nd Annual Savannah Strong Lacrosse-Golf Tournament!

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