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Freddy Freibott – Salesianum Lacrosse 2012

Our latest individual highlight is here. Freddy Freibott is another one of Salesianum Lacrosse’s many weapons. Now a Junior, Freddy plays the d-pole position for Sallies Lax and was a major contributor to the defense in their back to back State Championships. Sallies only gave up 7 goals in the entire 2012 post season. We have been priviledged to produce his recruitment video and now his sophomore year highlight. We are excited to see what the next two seasons will bring for #2!! Thank you to Freddy and his family for allowing us to produce these highlights and be a part of his high school career. Enjoy our latest film!!!

“I Miss You” a tribute to Thomas Morris

On August 13, 2009 we lost a great friend, Thomas Morris. Splitfaces immediately wrote this song within two days of his passing. It was so emotional that I couldn’t do anything with it at the time. Before the first anniversary of his passing, I decided I wanted to put the video together from this song. I called Splitfaces first to see if he would be willing to do a music video and he was all for it without hesitation. Then I talked to Thomas’ family and friends and they were on board as well. Next we had to write a small script and find a location. Once all that was in place, it was time to shoot the video. We had friends for Thomas come from Baltimore that wanted to be a part of this special event. The filming was done in two days. We started on Saturday evening, shooting before the sun went down. Then came back and finished the following day. Til this day, this video and song have a special meaning in my heart beyond anything else. Thank you Sam! And thank you Shantell, JaVett and Matesha.


This summer we had the privilege of filming our first club lacrosse team. The Chesapeake Rock Lacrosse Club attended the Brine Shootout Tournament in June at the UMBC campus in Baltimore, MD. We followed them for the entire 2 day tournament filming games, inside the huddle, pre-game and everything in between to create a team highlight film. Eight games in three days and The Rock 2014 went undefeated to win the tournament championship. It was a great experience and we look forward to having the opportunity to film more tournaments in the future. We would like to thank the coaches, parents and athletes for the opportunity to work with them. A special thank you to the Marin family, Bailey, Paige and Drew, for introducing us to the Rock Lacrosse Club and supporting us as always. Here is the cover of the team highlight film which has been shipped for their enjoyment!! Good luck to all the coaches and athletes.

Troy Reeder – Salesianum Lax 2012

This lax season we were asked by a few athletes, “Since I already have a recruitment video, can I get just a individual season highlight video?” …..Here at Nkognito we rarely say no to great video opportunities. With these athletes already committed to a college or well on their way to being committed, really all they were looking for was a momento, a keepsake that they can watch for years to come of their highlights from throughout this season. The 2012 season was HUGE for Salesianum Lacrosse which gave us plenty of highlights to choose from and put together for these individual athletes. This is our first finished individual season highlight. The video is a highlight of Troy Reeder, a sophomore during the season, he proved to be just one of Sallies many assets. We would like to thank Troy and his family for allowing us to produce this film as well as his recruitment’s in the past. He is an extremely talented athlete. He will soon be on the football field for fall, but for now, check out his lacrosse highlight!! Enjoy…..

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